Be Careful What You Say!!!

So, I was doing a little bit of shopping at Costco a few days ago, and my little boys were being wild and crazy as usual!  I was trying to get them to calm down because I couldn't tell whether the people I was passing in the aisles thought they were funny or downright annoying!  I passed one couple and said, "Would you like to borrow a couple of kids this afternoon?"  They smiled and the wife semi-jokingly said, "Been there, done that Honey!  I had five of them -- all boys!"  I smiled a smile of gratitude that I was only blessed with two of them at that moment.  :)  The next couple I passed was waiting to get their food selection out of the freezer when BigBubs decided he was going to hang on to every freezer door we passed on the aisle.  I quickly moved him away, because those two people looked like they were going to strangle him if he didn't knock it off!  I finally turned the corner and went down a different aisle.  Then, all of a sudden, the whole aisle was filled with the sound of the biggest belch I have ever heard!  It was BigBubs!  Four women were standing in the aisle as we made our grand entrance and they all started to giggle, but not until BigBubs shouted out, "Mama!!!  Don't Burp Like That!!!"  Needless to say, we all got a good laugh, and thankfully, everyone not only heard him, but saw him do the belching too!  
However...I do tease him at home all of the time like that...blaming him if a burp or other strange bodily sound happens to slip out [Don't you dare judge me!  Everybody does it!  Even you!].  I suppose I should watch myself!
Another similar instance occurred today at a local Macy's.  I went in to try and find some shoes for my husband for Father's Day.  I was quite shocked to find out that there were only about 15 pair of shoes total in the entire men's department.  A lady asked if she could help me, and I told her what I wanted.  She didn't have the shoes in store, but told me that she could order it online and give me a discount if I went with her.  So, we walked over to her computer and she began to get my information.  The kids immediately went wild and started running around and around the shoe racks!  I was casting them some very threatening looks...but all I got back from them was a 10 second calm down before it all began again.  I gave BigBubs a really evil eye and threatened to take some toy away from him when he got home if he didn't knock it off!  That helped for a minuted, but then they both laid down on the ground and started rolling as if it was a big green hill or something.  I didn't mind, because at least they weren't destroying any merchandise.  But, there was a very rich, elegantly dressed woman standing behind me in line who was giving me terribly dirty looks.  Unfortunately, I was kind of stuck there until the order got processed.  She kept giving heavy sighs, and I was wondering if she would ever make it through her disgust to place an order after I was finished!  :)  When I finally had the order placed, I picked up the kiddos and gave a grim [and somewhat sarcastic] smile to the woman and took my kids home.  As we started to walk away, BigBubs said, "She is a Mama Biatch, huh?"  Oh Boy!  Now Mommy's bad habits are REALLY sneaking through.  :)  BigBubs has learned from his mama that women of that caliber are not looked highly upon in my know...the ones with A LOT of money...who always had the money to pay someone else to watch her children, clean her house, buy her food, do her laundry, drive her car, pay her bills, etc.  They are the condescending type no matter what category you fall into that isn't "her style."  These are women who his mommy refers to as "Mama Biatch."  Another definition of this title is simply:  The mode that mommy goes into when somebody ticks me off or makes a huge mess in my house and doesn't clean it up!  Either way, BigBubs has identified both definitions clearly!  He was right about the woman, so I had no need to correct him.  However, I'm not sure how I feel about my son carrying on his mother's legacy.  Sometimes, it's a wonderful thought!  Other these...I am like, "OH CRAP!"  :)  Let us be careful what we say.  :)
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