Salesman #2 Story: The OVERLY famous auto dealership in SLC and Huss!

Huss!  Another salesman that we have have a special endearment for!  He comes out of one of the biggest and overly famous auto dealerships in Salt Lake City.
My husband and I wanted to test drive a Toyota Corolla and Toyota Camry, so we went into the dealership to see if they had any.  When we got there, they took our keys as "collateral" and we met "Huss."  Huss had some kind of medical problem [it resembled Teret's Syndrome a bit.  We didn't notice it until we were on our test drives.]  Not to judge in any personal kind of way, but there was something strange about taking a test drive and hearing a vocalized "m" [close your mouth and say the letter 'm' from the bottom of your throat.  That is what he was doing] every four seconds...almost in rhythm.  It  inwas a huge distraction from asking questions about the car.  We weren't sure whether he was using it as a distraction, or if it was really a problem for him.
Anyway...about Huss.  That wasn't his only problem.  He apparently had a HEARING problem as well!  When we got there, we told him that we wanted to see the Toyota Camry and Corolla.  He immediately took us over to a Ford Taurus, followed by a Mazda, and then to a Saturn.  I instantly caught on to his tactics, and I said, "Yes, but this is a Ford, Mazda and Saturn.  We ONLY want to see your Toyota line today.  He said,  "Okay.  Let me see what I've got."  He looked around for a second, and then took us to a Chrysler, another Ford, and another Mazda!  I was getting really ticked off because he was brushing me off...a lot like the sales guy in another store.  But, I played nice!  The problem with "playing nice" is that you always get the raw end of the deal!!!  Playing nice led us on a two hour look at 30 different cars -- NONE OF WHICH WERE TOYOTAS!  I finally got straight to the point with him, because we had far better things to do that day than ride around in a golf cart with him.  I said, "Do you even have any Toyotas here today?  Because if you don't, we want our keys back!"  He said that he needed to check with his manager.  He disappeared momentarily and then came back...again trying to show us every other car than that.  I asked him immediately again to take us to a Toyota.  Finally, they found some run down, wrecked, piece of crap Corolla in the back, but we took it for a drive anyway.  The whole way, we had to hear that voiced "m" in rhythm and in 4/4 time.  It aggravated me even worse.  When we got back, he wanted us to spend the rest of the day in his golf cart driving around too...but I had other plans.  I told him we wanted our keys back three different times.  [Each time, he returned to find his manager.]  Finally, when Dave and I were fed up with the game playing, we walked in the front door ourselves and asked for the manager and told him to give us our keys and we would be leaving...and never entering another one of these "famous" dealerships again.  It took them 10 minutes, but they finally gave us our keys and then apologized profusely...and VERY insincerely!  Needless to say...we have never been back...except when we want to have a little bit of fun...and we drive in their dealerships...right up to the flocking/swarming/hovering group of salesmen waiting to eat you for dinner at their doorstep, and then we speed off in laughter while they all run after us!!!  It's rather funny!  We also sometimes drive in, start looking at a car for a second, and when the sales rep that is hiding behind the vehicle two doors down jumps up to try and help, I dive in the car and we speed off again!  Now THAT!  That is funny!!!  Did I mention that I hate these OVERLY FAMOUS auto dealerships in Salt Lake City?  I hate them so bad that I would drive out of state to buy a car [not to California...because I don't ever want a car with California Emissions again!] just to avoid these dealerships.  But, Bad Salesmen bug me even worse!  :)
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