Is Pedestrian Safety A Thing Of The Past?

So, another watchful eye on the world today!  What makes people think that standing OUT IN THE ROAD while waiting for a bus is going to make the bus come any faster??? The only thing I foresee in all of their impatience is a quick detour to heaven when a car [or the bus] smacks them!!! People do it all the time here in Salt Lake City! If the bus is late, they walk right out into the middle of the road to see if the bus is coming...and they do it without "looking both ways." What is up with that?   Better yet, if you are driving straight toward them, they stand there looking beyond your car in hopes to see the bus.  When they finally do see you, they still stand there with that gawking look on their face, and you eventually just drive around them.  Or, at least I do!  But will everybody?  Is this only a problem here in Utah?  Is Pedestrian Safety A thing Of The Past?  What do You Think?
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