Salesman Stories #1 :Harry Hilley from Harsey Hilley

A couple of years into our marriage, my husband and I decided that we would purchase a couch together for the townhome that we had just moved into.  We went to several different furniture stores looking for a couch that we thought would be a good fit for our family and children.  
We went to Hanite Furniture, and the sales rep would only speak to my husband.  If I made any comments or asked any questions, he would shoot me down and keep trying to "make a sale" to my husband.  That, alone ticked me and my husband off, so we walked out!  Then, we went to Hikea and found out that they didn't have much that was very comfortable.  Then, we decided to go to Harsey Hilley.  As we walked in the door, we were greeted by a kind man who introduced himself as Harry Hilley!  We told him that we were interested in a new couch and possibly a bedroom set.  He directed us to where the furniture was and said, "If you need anything, let me know!  My name is Harry Hilley!"  We thanked him, took two steps forward to the next sofa, and "Boo!"  There he was again...looking over my shoulder!  This habit proceeded for the next 10 minutes until my husband and I were kind of starting to be bothered.  Oh, and not to mention, that I don't think I will forget his name for the rest of my life!  He told us his name after following us to EVERY SINGLE piece of furniture!  After we looked around, we decided that we might want to go to the basement and check out some of the stuff down there.  He said, "Well, I'll lead you guys to the elevator and let you have some time alone to think things over!  My name is Harry Hilley!"  GRRRR!  My thoughts:  "If you tell me your name one more time, I'm going to throw the first lamp I see in your direction!" Well, we took the elevator down the stairs, and I kid you the time we got to the bottom, guess who was there to meet us as we got off!  Could it be?  Really?  Yup!  It was Harry Hilley!  He said, "Have you had time to think things over?"  Are you kidding me?  It was a 15 second elevator ride.  Did he honestly think we had talked about anything?  At that point, my husband and I had made up our mind that we were done shopping at that store.  If the sales people were THAT desperate, we were out of there!  So, we left, and we ended up purchasing a very nice sofa from our favorite furniture store, Hon Haras!    
Needless to say, I've had the heebie jeebies for salesmen ever since!  That man's name, "Harry Hilley," is still ingrained in my head!  I don't think I will ever be normal again!  ;)
My husband and I have gone back to the store a few more times, but thankfully, have not been pestered by Harry Hilley...even though he was there.  When we see him, we just run like it's a fire drill to get the crap out of there!  :)  Do you blame us?

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