The Beauty of The Letter "H."

My husband and I had a good laugh one night as we were driving in the car with the kids.  I told him that in order to talk about certain groups of people, certain subjects, the news, appointments, etc., that maybe we didn't necessarily want the kids to hear about at the time...I just dropped or replaced one or two of the beginning letters of the word with the letter "H."  For example:

Hisherman = Fisherman
Holiticians = Politicians
Hosts = Ghosts
Heacher = Teacher
Haiter/Haitress = Waiter/Waitress
Halesman = Salesman
Hecker = Checker
Hibarian = Librarian
Hoctor = Doctor
Hentist = Dentist
Honsters = Monsters
Hool = School
Hex = Sex
Hanager = Manager
Holice = Police

As we started trying to name everything we saw with an "H" in front of it, we somehow seemed to entertain ourselves for quite sometime.  It was quite hilarious!  It has worked so well that I almost speak in code to my husband, and he can pick up on it.  It has also saved a lot of worry for our little five-year old worry wart who has to know "everything" RIGHT NOW!!!!  I'm starting to not be able to remember life before the "H."  It's so natural now, that half of the time, I have to check my vocabulary to make sure I'm not saying something in "H Code."  :)  I suppose that ANY letter could work for this scenario if this is of use to you.  But, "H" is fitting to our needs and downright funny sometimes too.  My husband now uses my technique as well.

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