"The Money Licker!"

After going for a nice swim with the Hubby, BigBubs and LittleBubs, we decided to stop by Arctic Circle for some dinner. The kids devoured their corn dogs like there was no tomorrow. BigBubs obtained his independence for but a few moments when he sat on the saddle seats at the fast food restaurant, and LittleBubs found the playland. As my hubby and I were left to our moment of silence to peruse through the mental people watching catalog [that is free...mind you, EVERYWHERE you go!] As we looked around the room...THERE HE WAS! "The Money Licker!" Jeans, Cowboy Boots, Dark Glasses and a White Button Down Shirt -- going for the look of Butch Cassidy...or maybe the Sundance Kid. Either way, there he was! The cashier added up his total and told him what it was. Then, out flashed his roll of money [about three inches thick with a rubber band around it] from his front pocket! He gently removed the rubber band and then flashed the whole pile in his left hand in front of the cashier. Then, as he put forth his right hand to count out the dollar bills to her, he did it! He LICKED his great big thumb and slid it from his hands to hers...leaving the bill damp in her hand. I screeched out a quiet but mumbled "Eeewwwwwww!" from across the room, thereby catching my husband's attention. He asked the purpose of my screech, and I began to explain one of the great "grossnesses" [yes, a word I just made up] that just disgusts me! I proceeded to tell him about the man who forever in my mind will be known as "The Money Licker!" For some reason my hubby was humored by the whole thing. My thoughts: Money is the DIRTIEST thing EVER!!! People keep it in dirty purses, dirty wallets, dirty pants pockets, dusty piggy banks, shoes, bras and underwear. They transfer it from person to person, they go to the bathroom [half of the time without washing their hands] and then touch it...usually passing it from one person to another. They find it and pick it up out of the dirt. They put it in those infested candy machines at the grocery store, the mall, amusement parks, the bus, parking meters, etc. After they are done doing everything that they do with money, they slobber on their finger and pass it along! Folks, we've all been there at some time...whether a librarian, a mother, a friend, a husband or a child! We have all been a victim of "The Money Licker!" Yet, we all still work our butts off to earn more of it! Such is life! We must have it! But, we might want to run it through the washer first. :)
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